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Best Photography Schools in Pennsylvania 2018

best photography schools in Pennsylvania Review and ranking


If you are interested in photography classes in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia photography schools and will help you in learning more about photography and other skills and knowledge that are related and photography schools in Pittsburgh are great and well known for their accreditation and qualified programs offered.

Philadelphia photography schools and photography schools in Pittsburgh offers different degree options for you. There are some certificate programs provided that can be perfect for you. Also, you can take Bachelor or Associate Degree that will be ideal for your needs and willingness.


The Art Institute of Philadelphia

The art institute of Philadelphia is better than other Philadelphia photography schools, you can take this institute that provides the best photography courses in Philadelphia. This institute offers a bachelor of science in and associate of science in photography. Before you start your main courses, you have to pass the foundation classes which is really important and you have to take them seriously, it gives you the knowledge to advance yourself and prepare you for your creative classes. In the main classes, you will be assigned to certain projects that you need to overcome tough competition and meet the tight deadlines.

When you are serious to become a professional photographer then it is not a hobby anymore, you need to work hard, but you need to improve your skills and constantly adapt yourself to new situations. You will learn everything about, color management, location scouting, studio techniques and so much more.

In this Philadelphia photography school, you can learn about the business skills here so you will be able to know on how to build your own business in detail. This institute also cover film photography so you will learn everything from the developing the film to printing them by using old and new methods. The graduate students are well-prepared to look for entry-level employment like a commercial photographer, digital photographer, industrial photographer, photo lab technician, or photojournalist.

Read more on their website.


The Art Institute of Pittsburgh

This is the best photography schools in Pittsburgh, the education system in “The art institute of Pittsburgh” is very similar to the Philadelphia branch, Here, you can learn about many skills that you need in this business such as the implementation of color, design and techniques so you can produce the best images.

The only main difference is in the courses that they offer, here are the courses offered by The Art Institute of Pittsburgh:

Digital Photography “PH” Bachelor of Science

Associate of Science Associate of Applied Science (online Minnesota residents only)

Digital Workflow “DW” Certificate (available online only)

Portrait Photography “PP” Certificate (available online only)

Studio Photography “SP” Certificate (available online only)

View the academic catalog for detailed information


Antonelli Institute

This institute is the next recommendation if you are looking for the right Pennsylvania photography schools. Antonelli Institute is located in Flourtown which is very close to Philadelphia. It has a mission to prepare motivated students for entry-level positions leading to careers in the photography and graphic design professions. This mission is a great commitment that is revealed by the school so taking its program will be a wise decision for you. It also offers accelerated visual communication arts programs which are combined with interactive lecture, small classes and also hands-on learning. In fact, this schools which is one of photography schools near Philadelphia is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges.

You can get your associated degree in only 21 months so you can start your career very fast. During your time in college, you will experience real-world challenges in many different areas of photography.

Antonelli Institute website


Pennsylvania College of Art and Design

Pennsylvania College of Art and Design (PCA&D) is located in Lancaster, is a dedicated college for a different form of art such as digital media, fine art, graphic design illustration, and photography. The will teach different photography area like commercial, editorial, documentary and etc.

In PCD&A, you will learn the importance of each image and the influence of them on a specific group of people, you look at photography as a medium that can be used to inform people about what is important in nowadays society. You are required to take an internship at the end of your study so you can build your network with other photographer and grow your relationship with the people that are important in this industry.

It comes with professional-grade technology that will provide you with the skills to match your ideas so you can fulfill your dream to be creative and professional. This program given by this school has an aim to teach you about the use of lighting, composition of portrait photography and also equipment so you can operate them very well

Website of the college can give you more information if you are interested in this school.


Academy for media production

This school is located in McSherrystown and it is a bit different from the rest of the schools that we reviewed, their courses are not purely photographic classes and they combined the photography courses with video production. The advantage of this course is that you can start your career either in photography our video production. You will learn all the necessary foundation to produce great still images or use your DSLR to shoot commercial video with it. You will learn portrait and commercial skills to become a photographer as well as how to operate your camera to shoot video and how to edit your footage and how to record the sound for your video.

Check out their website to see if this school fit your needs.

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