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Best Photography Schools in Ohio 2018

best photography schools in ohio Review and ranking

If you are planning to be a professional photographer and have a photography studio later on, then there is a need for you to study and master the art of photography. It is surely not something that you can learn by yourself. This is the reason why enrolling yourself in any of the photography schools in Ohio is essential for the career you want to have.


Cleveland Institute of Art

This is one of the photography colleges in Oho that is known for providing their students a creative and collaborative environment for learning photography. Also, not only do they focus on photography for they also focus on digital cinema and video at the same time. With that, there is surely a lot of opportunity for learning and growth in this college. On the other hand, their photography courses involve lectures, assignment, and discussions that are conducted either one on one or by the group. Throughout the years, they and other photography colleges in Ohio have been helping photography enthusiasts in refining their artistic visions.

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Ohio University

Ohio University is yet one of the photography colleges in Ohio that offer courses, allowing the students to be able to produce high-quality photos in both black and white and color as well. By enrolling in their photography course, one would be able to learn how to operate both manual and digital cameras. They would also be taught basic imaging techniques with the use of a computer. Upon the completion of the course, the student can expect that they would become a well-rounded individual when it comes to photographic applications and techniques.

With these photography schools in Ohio, rest assured that you would be able to improve your technical skills in photography and at the same time, acquire knowledge about the basic photography theories.

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Kaplan College

Kaplan College is one of the largest and known photography schools in Ohio. As a matter of fact, in 2010, about 51 photography students graduated there who were able to earn the credentials needed in pursuing photography as a profession. It is formerly known as Ohio Institute of Photography and Technology. Hands-on training in photography is one of the things that Kaplan College is capable of offering to their students that other photography colleges in Ohio cannot offer. Also, they offer a number of photography programs and so, it is possible to enroll in one that can meet your needs and preferences.

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Sinclair Community College

Among the photography schools in Ohio, this college is best known for their art department that includes courses pertaining to sculpture, painting and of course, photography. What makes this college great is that they offer online courses that help their students grow as a photographer. Also, the lessons here are thought by professionals who have undergone the necessary training in providing instruction in photography. They also show great commitment towards student-centered learning and that’s why their students have become highly proficient when it comes to creating really good photographs.

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