best photography schools in New York

Best Photography Schools in New York 2018

best  photography  schools  in  New York Review and ranking

New York is one of the best cities to study photography. There are lots of art galleries and it is probably one of the most amazing places for street photography that’s why we prepared the list of best photography schools in New York.


New York Film Academy

New York Film Academy is one of the best photography schools in New York city which offers students the exceptional opportunity to learn under outstanding, professional photographers who remain active in several genres of photography. These schools offer lots of courses for your program like The Critical Eye, Portfolio Development, Photo Foundations, Professional Lighting Practices, Current Perspectives in Photography and a lot more.

All one or two year students will receive a Canon or Nikon HDSLR, or Sony mirrorless camera, and it is yours to keep.

You can check their website for more information.


School of Visual Arts

Founded in 1947, School of Visual Arts (SVA) has trained so many notable photographers like Kevin Cooley, Zackary Drucker, DOMINGO MILELLA and much more.

The students can have in depth conversations about developing the body of work over a full academic year. In the critic courses, which are very important and they are the centerpiece of the school, you can have direct and really intense experience with other students and with the faculty mentors. Every student has a different relation with the photography and a different sort of solution and the different way of defining for themselves to what the photography is. This institute ranked very high as best photography schools in NYC.

Here is their website.


Rochester Institute of Technology

The School of Photographic Arts and Sciences train the students for an exciting career in photography and also the rapidly changing field of imaging. Photography majors participate during a distinctive academic community, both in undergraduate and graduate studies. In the first 2 years of classes, you will learn about the foundation of photography, Critical thinking and problem solving, you start shooting from the first day of the school so it in the very practical course. This school was ranked as #2 best college to study photography in the united states in 2014 and 3rd best photography colleges in New York city.

additional information is available on their website.


International Center of Photography

The International Center of Photography (ICP) established in 1974, claims to be the world’s leading institution dedicated to the art of photography. With more than 5000 students and with more than 700 exhibitions and classes at every level of photography create a good community for photographers, artists and students to explore the world of photography and discuss the world of images.



New York Institute of Photography

The New York Institute of Photography was founded in 1910 in the burgeoning neighborhood around Penn Station which makes this school one of the oldest photography schools in states and one of the top photography schools in NYC.

If you are planning to be a professional photographer, then this place offers a wide range of courses that polish your skill of photography and you can make a career out of it. Professional photography course, fundamental of digital photography, portrait photography, photoshop, wedding, photojournalism, travel, nature and landscape and finally business for photographers are all the courses that this institute offers.

Learn more about them on their web page.


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