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Best Photography Schools in Michigan 2018

best photography schools in Michigan Review and ranking

Looking for photography schools in Michigan that can help you fulfill your dream of becoming a professional photographer? Well, you need not look any longer for we have listed the best of the best schools out there who are offering truly quality photography courses. So, what are you waiting for? Enroll today!


Central Michigan University

While some photography colleges in Michigan offers instruction in commercial photography, the Central Michigan University offers instruction in fine art photography. Hence, they have created a photographic curriculum that covers analog, nontraditional and digital photography. By being one of their students, you would be given a guarantee that you would be able to have the opportunity to be exposed to different photographic techniques and styles. In addition to that, the instruction is provided by full-time faculty members who are experts in the field of photography.

CMU website.


Andrews University

Andrews University is among the photography schools in Michigan that offer a scholarship for the first time freshmen, allowing more people to be able to afford their photography classes and be able to follow their dreams. Upon finishing the course, you can even have your very own exhibition for they would be able to help you develop an eye for great images. In addition to that, they also help their students hone their technical skills in taking photos. Not only that, for people who wanted to start a business in this industry, enrolling in photography colleges in Michigan like Andrews University would be of great help for they would be provided with an idea on the equipment that they would ever need to get started with it.

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Cornerstone University

Cornerstone University is the best photography schools in Michigan when it comes to digital media and acquiring production abilities. Throughout the entire duration of the course, not only friendship would be formed but also professional relationships at the same time. With passionate instructors and the state of the art equipment, it is indeed very much possible for their students to be able to improve their weaknesses and strengthen their abilities in order for them to be able to reach success once they venture into the real world of photography.

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College for Creative Studies

Regardless of whether you wanted to take beautiful photos of the flora and fauna or you want to indulge yourself in portrait photography, the College for Creative Studies is one of the best photography schools in Michigan that can help turn your dreams into reality. They teach their students the proper way of taking great photos with or without any equipment. Not only that, they also guide their students in exploring shutter speed, lighting techniques, exposure and other elements of photography. They give focus on 3 things: perspective, timing and precision. They believe that with these elements, the quality of one’s photography would surely be taken to a whole new level.

If you like to learn more about this college, visit their website.


These photography colleges in Michigan proves that photography is indeed not that easy but with the guidance of the best instructors out there, it is indeed possible to succeed in this craft.

Share your experience with us if you studied in any of these schools.

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