Best photography schools in Illinois

Best Photography Schools in Illinois 2018

best photography schools in Illinois Review and ranking

Illinois photography schools offer you the education which you need to become a professional photographer. Nowadays, photography can be considered as a popular field which is liked by many people. It is recommended to consider the following best photography schools in Illinois if you are interested in photography and you consider having a serious career in this field.

Proper education in photography field helps you to get jobs in a different field like a newspaper, fashion magazines, or fine arts. Photography is a competitive field, so you should graduate with enough knowledge and training. Photography also has many branches allowing you to choose the best program which matches your interest and skills. Some people do not join any school since they prefer to learn the education by themselves. However, joining photography school is important since you will be able to get photography degree and create a network with other photographers.

For the people who want to begin the photography career, Chicago will be one of the best options. It is the third largest city in America and the home of the top-ranked photography school in the nation.

It is the birthplace of prominent photographers such as Gordon Coster, Rus Arnold, and Stephen Deutch. Many photographers consider Chicago as the locale rich in urban images.


Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC)

The best photography school in Illinois is “School of the Art Institute of Chicago” (SAIC). This institute offers both undergraduate and graduates degrees in photography. The curriculum will instruct the students in the technical mastery and also instill a conceptual understanding of the subject. The students can learn photography such as digital art but at the same time receive various instructions in analog and darkroom practices. If you want to graduate and get your degree quickly, the school allows the students with existing portfolios to bypass prerequisites. The Art Institute of Chicago also owns photography collection and scholar community which lend the students a historical perspective on their work.

The students will earn practice the theory of photography, develop your photography art among the community of undergraduate and graduate students with the support of your professors.

With the degree from SAIC, you will know both digital and traditional camera techniques. By attending in photography classes, you will get extensive skills and network of contacts which you make in the know and at the forefront of the photography industry



Columbia College Chicago

Columbia College Chicago has a dedicated photography department of art which is recognized widely. You will see that the faculty supports a range of artistic and professional photography including personal work, documentary, photojournalism, and also commercial work. It is one of the best photography schools in Illinois, this institute gives the education about darkroom and also digital photography program. You will not only receive technical instruction but also ground in history and medium theory. The photography program in this school is supported by an active program of lectures, artists in the residence, workshops, and internships.



Harrington College of design

You Also should consider Harrington College of design. It offers Associate of Applied Science degree in Digital Photography at the downtown Chicago campus. The students will be able to learn the basic of the digital camera. You will also get the education about 2-D design, digital imaging, and professional lighting. In Harrington Academy of Design, there are 6,200 square feet of studio space and comprehensive suite of photographic equipment such as lenses, strobes, and instructional videos. This institute is quite different with other Illinois photography schools since it offers evening and Saturday classes for the people who want to undertake the part-time study.

They also offer Bachelor of Fine Arts in Commercial Photography program focuses on teaching students how commercial photographers are merging their work with perspective, lighting, and composition with the language of new media and taking the digital workflow to a whole new level.

The student can also join Academy of Art University. The academy was founded in 1929 by artists for artists. It becomes the nation’s largest accredited, private art and Design University with over 17,000 students. It offers degree programs which you can choose according to your interest. The classes are available in 17 areas including Fine Art, graphic design, advertising, and much more.


Joining one of these best photography schools in Illinois will help you to get bright future for you.


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