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Best Photography Schools in Florida 2018

best photography schools in Florida Review and ranking

Are you interested in learning photography? Do you wish to study in Florida? If you do, then you are lucky as there are a lot of photography schools in Florida that you can opt to. Each one offers different courses and programs in photography but nevertheless, the ones listed below are the best.


Daytona State College

Among the photography schools in Florida, the graduates of this college have been known for being the leading photographers there is in the state. It has become possible for they offer in-depth photography instruction. As a matter of fact, the photography department of the said college became the largest photography program in the Southeast. Mostly, the students who have studied photography here dreams of entering the editorial and commercial fields. Well, it has not become impossible for them to do so as the photography courses offered here combines the traditional and digital photography, allowing each student to shine in the field.

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University of Central Florida (UCF)

The photography courses here are offered by the university’s School of Visual Arts and Design Department at the Daytona Beach Campus. As a matter of fact, it is the collaboration between the university and the Daytona State College. What makes this university different from the other photography colleges in Florida is that they cover everything that is related to establishing your very own photography studio. It also tackles the issues involved creating images. Through it, one would be able to learn the lighting techniques that should be used in both indoor and outdoor studios to achieve the best shot. That’s what makes them one of the best photography schools in Florida.

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Barry University

The photography course offered here not only offers knowledge in photography but also experience in it as well. They accept students who consider photography as a hobby and as a profession. As one of the best photography schools in Florida, they offer advanced digital medium, allowing each student to be able to combine different techniques, explore the world of photography and experiment with it at the same time. With the cutting-edge technology that they have, they were able to produce students who are always ready to take the industry by storm. Also, one thing that distinguishes them from the other photography colleges in Florida is that they offer small classes, ensuring that each student would be given an ample attention.

Barry university website offers great information about their courses.


Pensacola State College

For people who wanted to pursue a career in photojournalism, Pensacola State College offers a photography program that gives focus on techniques to be used in communicating ideas and emotions through the creation of photos, both the traditional and digital ones. It also helps students learn how to use and maintain the camera and other equipment, how to develop the plate and film as well as how to set the right lighting for the image. Adding special effects is another thing that the said college teaches their students.

By enrolling yourself in any of these photography colleges in Florida, you are bringing yourself one step closer to your dream of becoming a great photographer.

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