Best photography schools in california

Best Photography Schools in California 2018

Best Photography Schools in California Review and Ranking

California is the most populous state in the United States so why not we have the list of best photography schools in California in this article and you can see which schools suit your needs to study and master your art of photography in 2017.

University of California – Los Angeles

According to U.S. News & World Report, UCLA is ranked number 3 in USNWR 2016 ranking for best photography schools in united states and number 2 in fine art.

This is one of the best photography courses in California to get in and continue your study as a photographer.

There is also a photography certificate and photography extension for the students.


California Institute of the Arts

Probably you may not find the photography courses on the main page of the university but they do offer a photography course and it is one of the best photography schools in California. It has been ranked as #9 top photography schools in the US in 2016.

They offer a four-year bachelor of fine art in Photography, as well as a two-year master program.


Academy of Art University

The Academy of Art University was founded by Richard S. Stephens in San Francisco in 1929, It is one of the largest privately owned schools in united states.

They offer academic courses as well as online photography courses in different degrees such as AA, BFA, MA, MFA with focusing on 4 major styles of photography including

  • Documentary style
  • Fine art
  • Advertising/Photo Illustration
  • Editorial

There are 13 different studios for the student to practice and work in with a variety of equipment and latest technologies. During the core studies of students, they will learn the fundamentals principal of photography so they can choose one of the major styles of photography mentioned above to continue building their unique style and professional portfolio.


The Art Institute of California

In The Art Institute of California—Los Angeles you will learn everything regarding how to use latest digital-photography software’s, how to scout for the best location for your photo shoots and also learn more about the business side of the industry. They offer three different programs:

  • Digital Image Management (Diploma)
  • Digital Photography (Associate of Science)
  • Digital Photography (Bachelor of Science)

In these courses, you will be taught to increase your skills and expertise in a different aspect of photography like lighting, compositing and so on so you are going to have strong technical basis along with a creative foundation.

we highly recommend this institute as one of the best photography schools in California


California College of the Arts

California College of the Arts (CCA) was founded in 1907 with a focus on architecture, writing, art, and design school in San Francisco and Oakland.

Notable alumni of the photography college are

  • Beatrice Helg (Swiss photographer)
  • Todd Hido (MFA 1996)
  • Hank Willis Thomas (MFA 2004 Photo/MA Visual Criticism)

CCA teachers and instructors are chosen from the major photographers, therefore you will have a chance that your photos be critiqued by New York Times photo editor or world-renowned photographer leading your large-format class. The faculties are equipped with latest digital SLR camera all the way to traditional black and white film development laboratory. So you will practice making art by experimental printing processes with different printers.

This school ranks among the schools for photography in California and it is one of two colleges that made it onto the 2013 “AC Online: Highest Return on Investment Colleges in California” list.

CCA ranked in many categories that you can read more about it on Wikipedia.


Art Center College of Design

Art Center College of Design is a private college located in California which it was founded in 1930

In 2014, Art Center was ranked 3rd on the list of 25 best college values in money magazine. It also has been ranked constantly as #1 college for industrial design programs.

As their photography campus location is very close to Los Angeles it allows the school to bring top professionals to teach the photography techniques and also focusing on conceptual development and social awareness to make sure the students are ready for a dynamic career. Finally, students require passing 120 units successfully to graduate.



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